1969 280sl

1969 280sl Often a vehicle becomes available that may not be suitable for daily use like taking the kids to soccer, driving into LA everyday to work, or talking long trips, but most people can appreciate an iconic vintage car in mint condition.  This Benz is one of those cars. It’s a real creme puff. […]

Why the Jaguar body is identical to Aston Martin

Ever notice that the early 2000 two door Jaguar’s look identical to the Aston Martin? Well there’s a good reason for it.  The same guy, Ian Callun, designed them both. Callum worked for Ford for 12 years but left the big conglomerate to join TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) in 1990 where he was made Chief […]

Best turning ratio

Turning ratio Back in the day the car with the best turning ratio used to be the Lotus Esprit but of course that¬† changed when they stopped producing the cars in 2004. Many people might recall the car Richard Gere drove when he picked up Julia Roberts on the streets of Los Angeles in the […]

Most popular cars in California today

The most popular cars in California (today). Whether you’re impressed with this or not, the most popular cars in California are fuel efficient types.  The Honda Civic once again gets the number one spot followed by the Tesla model 3, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and the Toyota RAV 4. In terms of trucks, the Ford […]